Monday, February 8, 2010

A New Day

Thanks to all the lovely ladies who left comments on my valentines. Didn't realize how much it means until I read my own. So thanks for taking the time. I've been busy since my last post...busy being sick. This is the first of two times a year I suffer from sinuses and this has been a hard one. Thank God for antibotics and rest! I finally got my desk area cleaned off, then can't find a thing I want. Getting ready to start making cards again as I have a booth in April. I have some ideas I'd like to work with but my time is really limited since I'm taking a trip to Nashville the week before my marketplace and my husband seems to think I should be spending weekends with him (don't know what his problem is). And he is traveling on weekends with the Shriners to be in the parades. I had an interesting evening this past Friday. I belong to a group of Shrine ladies that meet once a month for dinner (they are who I'm going to Nashville with) and since our dinner was at Macayo's in downtown Phoenix, seven of us who live in the Mesa/Tempe area decided to meet and ride the new light rail -the Metro- new experience for us all. We researched on line and made visual trips to make sure we could walk the difference. Friday at 5pm, work lets out; but we were okay getting on and during the ride it was full but not crowded. We had a grand time at dinner and nearly everyone in the group was able to be there. We leave about 9:30, walk our two blocks and get on the Metro. It's crowded but there are open seats and one young man got up and that gave us enough for our 7. The next stop and people get on; the following stop more people get on (no one got off) and the next stop filled us up, standing room only, all college (or maybe not so college)students, all going back to Tempe, all having fun, loud, noisy, laughing fun, and not so sturdy on their feet sometimes. Then more people get on. My God, I had no idea that there were actually so many people using the Metro. But how wonderful that they are and enjoying the heck out of it and life. We ALL get off at the same stop in Tempe...the kids head north toward the college and us old folk head south to the parking garage. Someone said "wonder if Mama knows what's happening." My first thought (and this is from experience) "what Mama don't know won't hurt her." Gotta go.