Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wedding card

This is a wedding card using the bride's colors and a nice wedding sentiment on velum on the inside.

Another Bunny Card

the 3 bunny cards are from a set of 6 I did for a friend who loves bunnies.

Bunny cards

Busy, Busy, Busy

Hey, all. Glad to see you stopped by again. Sorry it's been a week since I last posted, but I guess I've been busy. But I have been thinking about all of you. Went shopping for my granddaughter's baby shower; still want to get out to Babies R Us before Saturday. Had to clean house. There's always that but I've been really, really delinquent about it. And when a friend wanted to come over so I could help make her wedding bouquet I decided I'd better do something. We had a good time making the bridal bouquet and matron of honor's bouquet along with the groomsmen and dads boutinieres. My Texas granddaughter called the other night and asked if I would make her an Indian costume for Grand Entry for the Texas State High School/Jr. High rodeo. I was very excited. It's not often anymore that I get to do things for the grandkids, they're growing up so quickly. Shopped till I dropped yesterday but found everything I was looking for. Cut out today and sew tomorrow. I'm also making a curtain swag for her room....all hot pink with zebra stripe on one edge. Can't wait for pictures when they're up. I've also been making cards and scrapbook pages...mostly for swaps but I just like doing that no matter what. Recently received an invitation to a bridal shower for the granddaughter of a friend. They were neighbors across the street when the mom was growing up. Since they live in Massachusets now I haven't seen Amanda since she was about 2 so it will be nice to visit with the grandparents, the parents and meet the bride. Spent the evening at the Shrine Friday night. They had the Bash before the Clash, the Clash being the big Shrine sponsored golf tournament. All of it is a fundraiser for the Shrine. The Bash is a social evening with food from several restaurants and bars around town, plus our own Fernando. The Ox Bar was represented, the Tilted Kilt, some liquor distributor was on hand with wine tasting, and of course, there was the raffle with a grand prize of a 52 inch flat screen tv. Well, I did win, just not the tv. I won golf for 4 at some country club. Since Tom can't play golf anymore and I don't play golf at all I sold it so I could shop. You know my hostess turn is coming up soon for SU. Saturday night granddaughter Courtney held her Relay for Life event. It was a walkathon at a local high school from 6pm to 6am. My friend Julie and I went down about 9:30 for awhile. They had lots of booths and there were lots of participants. I was very impressed by the luminaries. A really good idea. Buy a white paper bag with candle and sand and dedicate the light to someone by writing their name on the bag. The bags are set out around the track. I saw thank you's to doctors, memorials to loved ones and some "yea you's". Courtney's group sold beads. For $2.00 you get a long cord, then every lap you make you can stop and add a bead to your cord. For every 5 laps you complete you add a smiley face to your name on a board and the first person to make 50 laps gets a prize. They were also selling greeting cards (yes, it seems that crafting is a real family affair here). I helped. We also made nice folders for photos. The folders commemorated the Relay for Life. Well, I guess I have been busy! But now it's time to post some cards to prove I'm doing something responsible. Have a great day.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Weather Report

Hello. My house is finally cooling down (it's 11pm). Had to keep everything closed up today as it did get warm out. I think it got up in the high 90's today and the forecast for tomorrow is 100. Oh yea! Not. Just can't think about turning on the a/c yet but if it stays like this there won't be a choice. We had a nice weekend. Saturday I went to a stamp camp and we made some fun cards. DH went to a parade with the Shriners. Came home and got ready to go out again. We were invited to attend a play and all of us went to dinner first. The food at Romeo's Euro Cafe was terrific. And the play was Charlie's Aunt, which is a very funny story. The theater is small and it is played in the round. I didn't even know this place existed and it was so much fun. There were about 20-25 people who went from the Shrine. Afterward some of us went to one of the couple's home for dessert. They have a very beautiful home (we'd not been there before), almost big enough to get lost in. But Mark and Brenda are wonderful people and great hosts. We had a super evening. Thanks Mark and Brenda!!! Sunday we went to a nearby park to attend a picnic. It's on a lake and under a pavillion so we had nice breezes off the water and it wasn't so bad to be out. Good food and good company. Came home and took naps (poor old souls). Today I was supposed to start cleaning. I finally found the paint color I want on the walls and I am determined to do one room a day and do everything that needs to be done before I start another project, and have all this done before I go back to Kansas the end of May so I could possibly think about painting some of the rooms this summer. But I got sidetracked. Granddaughter called and she and her other grandma were trying to figure out a stamping project and it just wasn't coming together...so I couldn't just leave them alone; I had to help, didn't I? I mean, this is family after all...and is housecleaning realllllllly more important than family????? So okay, I'll start at a later date...I have to go back tomorrow to help complete their project now. The dirt will wait, you know. It never goes away....never, never, never. I finally got my thank you cards done for all the helpers at the Easter Brunch...23 of them. They went out today. Now maybe I can get back on track with making some cards to put on here. I sold 4 of my wedding cards, that was exciting. And I think this is probably the end of my notes for today. I'm really too hot and sticky to think there could be more that I could talk about. See you later. Stay cool wherever you are.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Food" for Thought

Hope everyone had a happy Easter and got their fill of boiled eggs and candy. We spent Easter day at the Shine with about 200 Shrine friends and had a wonderful brunch. I'll tell you, Fernando, our chef, is spot on with his cooking. If you aren't full for the rest of the day you've only yourself to blame. Fernando has the omlet station, working 5 skillets at a time. Awesome. I always look forward to my omlet filled with mushrooms, bell pepper, ham, shrimp, onion, jalepenos and covered in his special salsa. Yummmmmm. Then there's your choice of bacon, sausage, fried potatoes, scrambled eggs (if you don't have the omlet) to go with it. Breakfast not your choice? Try the salad bar, four long tables filled with salads of all kinds. Then there's the carving station with the beautiful ham and roast beef. And for all those other sides try the chicken marsella, mashed potatoes, mixed rice, carrots, biscuits and sausage gravy, with some others I can't remember. Not full yet? Don't forget the fresh fruit table and then the dessert table...pies and cakes. Now you've had your fill and can't move? It's okay, just sit around talking for a couple of hours then you can help pick up all the centerpieces and box them up for storage. And even help reset the auditorium for the next event tomorrow if you really really ate too much. Since I was in charge of the decorations I had to stay and I can't say I really minded too much. But we sure came home and took naps! I need to get busy and get all my thank you cards done and in the mail before the week is out.
Got a postcard from Jana from Paris...oh la la! Can you imagine...April in Paris. Well, she sends pictures so I can dream.
DD in Texas says Cole had a wonderful birthday and he was so happy all day long. How fun to be able to be so excited about a birthday (well, he's 4). She sent cupcakes to daycare then they went to Memaw's for dinner and presents later. Mackenzie is heading for her teen years, oh my where does the time go. She's remodeling her room into hot pink and zebra print. Her horses are still there but they are no longer the focal point in her room. Maybe the "zebra" is just another look for the horses. :)
Having a baby shower for granddaughter Courtney in a couple of weeks. Still having a "moment" thinking about becoming a great grandparent. She's excited so that builds my excitement too. She's having a boy so I won't have a chance to sit down to the sewing machine like I used to for the girls. But I can shop!
Going to a play in Chandler Saturday night with a group of Shriners. We're seeing "Charlie's Aunt". I have to go back and look one of these days, but I think that I was a part of that same play when I was about 3 or 4. Back in those olden days a producer/director would come into a small town to put on a play. All the actors were townspeople and tried out for parts; worked really hard on the play, sold tickets, made the scenery and did the costumes. Of course, the only person to be paid was the producer/director. Oh my, does this sound like something from Little House on the Prairie or The Waltons????? Okay, so I'll say it would have been back in the mid-1940's...I don't want you all to think I'm older than I really am.
Better wind this up today as I'm invited to go to the Shrine for lunch again today with DH. They have a lovely chicken salad sandwich that I'm drooling for today. Then I have to go to SAS Fabrics to see if they have zebra print fabric for curtains. And then come home and make the promised Swiss Steak and scalloped potatoes for dinner. Wow, this kind of turned in to a foodie fest didn't it. Sorry. You'd think after Sunday I wouldn't even want to think of food again for a while. Have a great day and a beautiful rest of the week.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Little Cat Feet

It's 2am and I can't sleep. About an hour ago, when I really did go to bed, the cats were running across the roof in whatever games they seem to play at night. As I listened to their races from one end to the other it certainly didn't sound like the cute little cat feet that pad so silently from room to room or place to place. It sounded like 40 pounders galomping across my roof. Then I began to wonder what kind of party I might be missing...was this like the horse races, one against the others; were they betting on who would win? Are they drinkers, or just fun loving? Or was this a 50's style grudge match...my cat can beat your cat...wanna race for pinks? Or were these races more like a 10 year old boy running for all he's worth, running against the wind or with the wind or just for the pure joy of running a race with himself. Were two cats racing? Did the others sit up there like an audience? Did they do the wave? Was there betting? Did cat food or bird feathers change paws? And I wished I could watch without them knowing I was there to see what fun they must be having...since they do this every night when the days are warm and the nights are cool. Maybe now I know why they sleep all day. Hmmmmm.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Cards

Here are some of my Easter cards for this year. They were all rushed, but I still like them.

Chit Chat

Here we are already a week into April; time is flying and I don't think I've accomplished much of anything so far this year. Tomorrow is a day of celebration for me...my beautiful daughter, Shelley has a birthday. I won't tell her age but I think she might be catching up with me! And tomorrow is also the birthday of my precious grandson, Cole. He's 4; it's okay to tell his age. Will make phone calls tomorrow to give them love.
Sunday is Easter and I'm in charge of decorating the Shrine auditorium for the annual Easter Brunch. Went out today to find "stuff" since the "stuff" at the Shrine is being used for their Easter Egg Hunt and there's not enough for 40 tables and however many baskets. A group of wonderful helpers, including DH, will be there on Saturday evening to get it all together. We have to wait until evening because there is a karate tournament in the auditorium all day. But we'll all have fun getting it together.
Made my hotel and plane reservations yesterday for Kansas. I'm going back the end of May for my high school class reunion....50 years ago I graduated from high school. Who lives this long???? There were 26 in my graduating class (it is a small town). The town is thriving, the school has grown, they changed the look of our school mascot (of course, I don't like it nearly as much). I'm looking forward to seeing everyone who can come. Sadly we've lost 6 or 7 of our classmates since graduation. I'll get to see my very best friend since 4th grade, Karen. And I don't know if I will ever get the opportunity to attend another one.
Tom came home from his trip to Reno with a new title...I can't spell it or pronounce it but he's now on the line for the Western Q Association. He was so happy and excited. It will mean a couple extra trips a year for him....not me. But I always enjoy my down time when he's gone. I may get to go a place or two, if I have something I really want to do. Time will tell.
Time to get busy. I need to address my Easter cards so they can be mailed out tomorrow. I'm late the way it is. Have a Happy Easter, everyone. God bless you.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Here's a quick card I did for a masculine birthday the other day. Done with ink pads only. I like how it turned out.

Birthday Cards

Been busy doing nothing. DH left town on Wednesday and I've taken every advantage of him being gone. Took naps, didn't do housework, read and read and read, slept in, didn't make the bed, ate out (it's Mexican food tonight!) and finally did some cards. Hmmmm, maybe I didn't take advantage...that sounds normal. Here's a couple of cards I made for birthdays....our oldest daughter and our youngest grandson who just happen to share the same birthday, April 8. So I need to hurry and get them in the mail. [Didn't mean for the cards to come before the text and wanted the train card to be horizontal but still don't always know what I'm doing so if anyone sees this and can tell me how to fix the problem I will be forever grateful.] Thanks for looking.