Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Hey, all. Glad to see you stopped by again. Sorry it's been a week since I last posted, but I guess I've been busy. But I have been thinking about all of you. Went shopping for my granddaughter's baby shower; still want to get out to Babies R Us before Saturday. Had to clean house. There's always that but I've been really, really delinquent about it. And when a friend wanted to come over so I could help make her wedding bouquet I decided I'd better do something. We had a good time making the bridal bouquet and matron of honor's bouquet along with the groomsmen and dads boutinieres. My Texas granddaughter called the other night and asked if I would make her an Indian costume for Grand Entry for the Texas State High School/Jr. High rodeo. I was very excited. It's not often anymore that I get to do things for the grandkids, they're growing up so quickly. Shopped till I dropped yesterday but found everything I was looking for. Cut out today and sew tomorrow. I'm also making a curtain swag for her room....all hot pink with zebra stripe on one edge. Can't wait for pictures when they're up. I've also been making cards and scrapbook pages...mostly for swaps but I just like doing that no matter what. Recently received an invitation to a bridal shower for the granddaughter of a friend. They were neighbors across the street when the mom was growing up. Since they live in Massachusets now I haven't seen Amanda since she was about 2 so it will be nice to visit with the grandparents, the parents and meet the bride. Spent the evening at the Shrine Friday night. They had the Bash before the Clash, the Clash being the big Shrine sponsored golf tournament. All of it is a fundraiser for the Shrine. The Bash is a social evening with food from several restaurants and bars around town, plus our own Fernando. The Ox Bar was represented, the Tilted Kilt, some liquor distributor was on hand with wine tasting, and of course, there was the raffle with a grand prize of a 52 inch flat screen tv. Well, I did win, just not the tv. I won golf for 4 at some country club. Since Tom can't play golf anymore and I don't play golf at all I sold it so I could shop. You know my hostess turn is coming up soon for SU. Saturday night granddaughter Courtney held her Relay for Life event. It was a walkathon at a local high school from 6pm to 6am. My friend Julie and I went down about 9:30 for awhile. They had lots of booths and there were lots of participants. I was very impressed by the luminaries. A really good idea. Buy a white paper bag with candle and sand and dedicate the light to someone by writing their name on the bag. The bags are set out around the track. I saw thank you's to doctors, memorials to loved ones and some "yea you's". Courtney's group sold beads. For $2.00 you get a long cord, then every lap you make you can stop and add a bead to your cord. For every 5 laps you complete you add a smiley face to your name on a board and the first person to make 50 laps gets a prize. They were also selling greeting cards (yes, it seems that crafting is a real family affair here). I helped. We also made nice folders for photos. The folders commemorated the Relay for Life. Well, I guess I have been busy! But now it's time to post some cards to prove I'm doing something responsible. Have a great day.

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