Monday, April 20, 2009

Weather Report

Hello. My house is finally cooling down (it's 11pm). Had to keep everything closed up today as it did get warm out. I think it got up in the high 90's today and the forecast for tomorrow is 100. Oh yea! Not. Just can't think about turning on the a/c yet but if it stays like this there won't be a choice. We had a nice weekend. Saturday I went to a stamp camp and we made some fun cards. DH went to a parade with the Shriners. Came home and got ready to go out again. We were invited to attend a play and all of us went to dinner first. The food at Romeo's Euro Cafe was terrific. And the play was Charlie's Aunt, which is a very funny story. The theater is small and it is played in the round. I didn't even know this place existed and it was so much fun. There were about 20-25 people who went from the Shrine. Afterward some of us went to one of the couple's home for dessert. They have a very beautiful home (we'd not been there before), almost big enough to get lost in. But Mark and Brenda are wonderful people and great hosts. We had a super evening. Thanks Mark and Brenda!!! Sunday we went to a nearby park to attend a picnic. It's on a lake and under a pavillion so we had nice breezes off the water and it wasn't so bad to be out. Good food and good company. Came home and took naps (poor old souls). Today I was supposed to start cleaning. I finally found the paint color I want on the walls and I am determined to do one room a day and do everything that needs to be done before I start another project, and have all this done before I go back to Kansas the end of May so I could possibly think about painting some of the rooms this summer. But I got sidetracked. Granddaughter called and she and her other grandma were trying to figure out a stamping project and it just wasn't coming I couldn't just leave them alone; I had to help, didn't I? I mean, this is family after all...and is housecleaning realllllllly more important than family????? So okay, I'll start at a later date...I have to go back tomorrow to help complete their project now. The dirt will wait, you know. It never goes away....never, never, never. I finally got my thank you cards done for all the helpers at the Easter Brunch...23 of them. They went out today. Now maybe I can get back on track with making some cards to put on here. I sold 4 of my wedding cards, that was exciting. And I think this is probably the end of my notes for today. I'm really too hot and sticky to think there could be more that I could talk about. See you later. Stay cool wherever you are.

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