Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chit Chat

Here we are already a week into April; time is flying and I don't think I've accomplished much of anything so far this year. Tomorrow is a day of celebration for me...my beautiful daughter, Shelley has a birthday. I won't tell her age but I think she might be catching up with me! And tomorrow is also the birthday of my precious grandson, Cole. He's 4; it's okay to tell his age. Will make phone calls tomorrow to give them love.
Sunday is Easter and I'm in charge of decorating the Shrine auditorium for the annual Easter Brunch. Went out today to find "stuff" since the "stuff" at the Shrine is being used for their Easter Egg Hunt and there's not enough for 40 tables and however many baskets. A group of wonderful helpers, including DH, will be there on Saturday evening to get it all together. We have to wait until evening because there is a karate tournament in the auditorium all day. But we'll all have fun getting it together.
Made my hotel and plane reservations yesterday for Kansas. I'm going back the end of May for my high school class reunion....50 years ago I graduated from high school. Who lives this long???? There were 26 in my graduating class (it is a small town). The town is thriving, the school has grown, they changed the look of our school mascot (of course, I don't like it nearly as much). I'm looking forward to seeing everyone who can come. Sadly we've lost 6 or 7 of our classmates since graduation. I'll get to see my very best friend since 4th grade, Karen. And I don't know if I will ever get the opportunity to attend another one.
Tom came home from his trip to Reno with a new title...I can't spell it or pronounce it but he's now on the line for the Western Q Association. He was so happy and excited. It will mean a couple extra trips a year for him....not me. But I always enjoy my down time when he's gone. I may get to go a place or two, if I have something I really want to do. Time will tell.
Time to get busy. I need to address my Easter cards so they can be mailed out tomorrow. I'm late the way it is. Have a Happy Easter, everyone. God bless you.

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