Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Food" for Thought

Hope everyone had a happy Easter and got their fill of boiled eggs and candy. We spent Easter day at the Shine with about 200 Shrine friends and had a wonderful brunch. I'll tell you, Fernando, our chef, is spot on with his cooking. If you aren't full for the rest of the day you've only yourself to blame. Fernando has the omlet station, working 5 skillets at a time. Awesome. I always look forward to my omlet filled with mushrooms, bell pepper, ham, shrimp, onion, jalepenos and covered in his special salsa. Yummmmmm. Then there's your choice of bacon, sausage, fried potatoes, scrambled eggs (if you don't have the omlet) to go with it. Breakfast not your choice? Try the salad bar, four long tables filled with salads of all kinds. Then there's the carving station with the beautiful ham and roast beef. And for all those other sides try the chicken marsella, mashed potatoes, mixed rice, carrots, biscuits and sausage gravy, with some others I can't remember. Not full yet? Don't forget the fresh fruit table and then the dessert table...pies and cakes. Now you've had your fill and can't move? It's okay, just sit around talking for a couple of hours then you can help pick up all the centerpieces and box them up for storage. And even help reset the auditorium for the next event tomorrow if you really really ate too much. Since I was in charge of the decorations I had to stay and I can't say I really minded too much. But we sure came home and took naps! I need to get busy and get all my thank you cards done and in the mail before the week is out.
Got a postcard from Jana from Paris...oh la la! Can you imagine...April in Paris. Well, she sends pictures so I can dream.
DD in Texas says Cole had a wonderful birthday and he was so happy all day long. How fun to be able to be so excited about a birthday (well, he's 4). She sent cupcakes to daycare then they went to Memaw's for dinner and presents later. Mackenzie is heading for her teen years, oh my where does the time go. She's remodeling her room into hot pink and zebra print. Her horses are still there but they are no longer the focal point in her room. Maybe the "zebra" is just another look for the horses. :)
Having a baby shower for granddaughter Courtney in a couple of weeks. Still having a "moment" thinking about becoming a great grandparent. She's excited so that builds my excitement too. She's having a boy so I won't have a chance to sit down to the sewing machine like I used to for the girls. But I can shop!
Going to a play in Chandler Saturday night with a group of Shriners. We're seeing "Charlie's Aunt". I have to go back and look one of these days, but I think that I was a part of that same play when I was about 3 or 4. Back in those olden days a producer/director would come into a small town to put on a play. All the actors were townspeople and tried out for parts; worked really hard on the play, sold tickets, made the scenery and did the costumes. Of course, the only person to be paid was the producer/director. Oh my, does this sound like something from Little House on the Prairie or The Waltons????? Okay, so I'll say it would have been back in the mid-1940's...I don't want you all to think I'm older than I really am.
Better wind this up today as I'm invited to go to the Shrine for lunch again today with DH. They have a lovely chicken salad sandwich that I'm drooling for today. Then I have to go to SAS Fabrics to see if they have zebra print fabric for curtains. And then come home and make the promised Swiss Steak and scalloped potatoes for dinner. Wow, this kind of turned in to a foodie fest didn't it. Sorry. You'd think after Sunday I wouldn't even want to think of food again for a while. Have a great day and a beautiful rest of the week.

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