Thursday, January 28, 2010

I need to figure out how to get my first information to be first on the day here. I have a note at the end of my valentines but it seems to me it should be first in line. Whatever. At least I did remember how to post a note and scan and post the cards...and after 6 months that's amazing!!! Now my next step will be to learn to post a card to an email to tantalize you all to come look at my blog. Have a happy day today. We are overcast and rainy off and on. But we should be grateful for all this moisture since what we get now usually has to last us the whole year. But we will have to be careful about fires. With all the rain the desert will burst into bloom and be absolutely joyous to see...but when it dries out...that's trouble. Thanks again for looking.

Still alive and stamping

OMG. I couldn't believe it when I found I haven't visited my own blog since July! I've been really busy with so many other projects and all the holidays. But what kind of excuse is that to not post to your own blog. I'm so ashamed (bowing head right now and wringing my hands!). And the computer is in such shock that I not only had to change the batteries in the mouse right now, I had to change the batteries in the keyboard too. Shock and trauma. But I have been crafting and stamping right along all this time so it hasn't been wasted. I made some really lovely Christmas cards (about 100) but sent them all out. They were nice though. Now I'm making Valentine's Day cards and I wanted to share with everyone before selling and mailing. I've used all varieties of stamps from Stampin' Up, Magnolia, Alotta Stamps, Fluffles, Elizabeth Bell and I had so much fun. I think they turned out nice and I hope that you will be inspired. Thanks for stopping by. I promise I won't wait so long to post again.