Monday, May 4, 2009

Busy week

Last week was soooo busy.....I didn't fix supper all week! I went stuff for the shower; material for an Indian costume; material for curtains...everywhere but the grocery store. : ) Since they don't have but one single Indian costume in all four of the pattern books I had to buy the only one they have then cut down the men's extra-small to make what I wanted for a 13-y-0 girl. Tuesday was shopping day; Wednesday was cutting out day; and Thursday was marathon sewing. But I got it done and it turned out beautifully. I can't wait for her to get it and try it on. I even sent my beaded Indian jewelry along for her to wear with it. The jewelry is about 35 years old; my Mom took my 3 kids to the reservation and they picked it out for my birthday one year. There is a choker, earrings and a medallion necklace. So I took the choker and handstitched it on a piece of cloth to make a headband...awesome, even if I do say so myself. Then Friday it was more shopping because I didn't get done the first time I went out to buy baby stuff for the shower on Saturday. BabiesRUs is awesome, but you sure need bucks to spend any kind of time in there. Such neat stuff. I got what I wanted; raced home so I could get ready to go out with the girls that night. Saturday was busy from the moment I opened my eyes and because of that I really didn't want to get out of bed. I hadn't had time to make baby cards (of course, I'd only known about the shower for 2 months) so I sat down immediately and knocked out 6 different cards after I'd hunted down and wrapped all the presents I'd bought. Then a quick re-dressing so I could leave. And I actually got there on time. She had a wonderful shower and got so many great things...he's going to be the best dressed baby on the planet, that's for sure. Courtney was so happy that she just sparkled. She was so sweet and I just wanted to hug her. Then Sunday was the Cinco de Mayo party at the Shrine. Ole! I had La Fonda Mexican food on Thursday, Chinese food on Friday, Rosita's on Saturday and Fernando the Chef Mexican food on Sunday. I think I'm good for awhile. School is nearly over. My music teacher friend, Jackie, had a program for 1/2nd graders today, 4th graders tomorrow and she's counting down the days for school to be out. Got a graduation announcement from a young man whos mother I used to work with. He was just so little when I started to work at ASU and now he's graduating from high school. Time does fly. So now I'll need to make a graduation card for something besides a swap. I finally went grocery shopping today and so am being forced to fix supper tonight. But Tom has meetings tomorrow and Wednesday evening so I'm good until Thursday. Maybe I can come up with something different with 2 days to think about it...or not. Well, it is finally that start I'll sign off today. Hope you all had a good Monday and that your week goes smoothly. Take care.

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