Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wow. I didn't realize it had been well over a month since I signed on to my own blog. Oops. Much has happened since May 4...Mother's Day...I helped decorate the Shrine Audtiorium for the Mother's Day Brunch, which was wonderful. We have such a good chef and help. And we had about 250 show up to enjoy. I went to Kansas to attend my 50th high school class reunion. I graduated HS in 1959 in a class of 26...and we had 12 in attendance; but we've lost 7 already too. It was good to see everyone. My best friend from 4th grade was there. I got to the hotel about 3pm, called her room at 3:30 and we talked until 6:30 when her husband decided it was time for dinner. We talked thru dinner and back at the hotel we sat in the lobby until 11:30 still talking. Saturday morning we drove to Belle Plaine, still talking, went to the cemetery (it was Memorial Day weekend), had lunch at the cafe where we added 4 classmates to our visiting. That evening we attended the banquet at the high school and retired back to the cafe for more visiting and photos of all of us. Sunday I drove out to visit with my cousins; they had been at the reunion, but with their classmates. Then I drove to Wellington to spend some time with my brother. We had a wonderful visit catching up and laughing. I didn't leave his house until about 9 pm. It was good and I'm glad I went, but I don't imagine I will make the trip again. June came to Arizona with nice weather. We had our 2 weeks of 100 plus in May but June has been nice. We are staying in the high 90's. Yesterday was wonderful...mid 80's, overcast, breezy. But of course it didn't last and we didn't even get any rain out of it. The big news for June is my first great-grandson was born on June 6. A cutie pie, of course. Granddaughter is doing wonderful. She was at our stamp camp today but without the baby as his daddy took him to see his grandmother on the paternal side. It's a sticky issue but I hope it will all be resolved and no one is wounded. That baby is the most important and everyone needs to keep that at the top of the list. I'm making cards and trying to get stuff done for the craft show in August. Thank goodness it's not until the end of the month and gives me extra time. I broke out some of my Bellas for the first time and I got out my scrap bin to try to use up some paper. I'm a really bad saver of stuff. So I hope you will look and enjoy some of my playing. My cousin in Texas complimented me on the card I sent to her and I said well, it's like going back to my childhood...I'm coloring again! And one of the cards I'm adding I've also put on the Stampilicous site in the Red, White and Blue challenge.

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  1. Hi Sheila, I love the bella cards.. Thank you for sharing.