Monday, June 22, 2009

Well, lookie here...I'm back and it's not been a month yet! Thanks for the nice comments on my cards...I just have so much fun with them and it's neat to share. Yesterday was Father's Day. So, per tradition, DH did the cooking. : ) We had grilled chicken, salad, baked potato and corn on the cob. He does a good job, bless his heart. And all that after just coming back from Denver. The kids all called him for Father's Day so I got to talk longer. Of course. Found out that my two youngest granddaughters, age 13, have gone to to Girl Scout camp and the other to roping camp. Yes, there's a real honest go goodness cowgirl in the family. She just completed the state hs rodeo the first of June and didn't do too bad. Not as well as we always wish for but we're really proud of her. Lots don't even make it to the state finals and she did, in 3 catagories: barrels, poles and calf tying. Can't wait to see how our girl does at Girl Scout camp. I think this might be her first year to attend. But she does enjoy being in Scouts. Going out tomorrow to lunch with a friend. She got married recently and I made her a scrapbook with the pictures I took so she will have a surprise tomorrow. I thought it turned out really cute. She makes jewelry and it is just beautiful and she does really well. She will be leaving next week for San Antonio for Shrine Imperial. She has good sales among the Shrine women all over the US. Well, summer has made it to Arizona. It didn't just move in gently jumped out, slapped us in the face, laughing hysterically, saying "Gotcha!" as it went from 97 yesterday to 105 today. Yuck, yuck, yuck!! Think we've seen the last of the 90's for awhile. But Spring lasted a long time this year. After our 2 weeks of 100 + in May, June has been wonderful, breezy and Spring-like. It's over. Gotta go. Dishes, then supper, then play with cards. Or maybe: play with cards, dishes, play, supper, play...hmmm.

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