Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Had a busy weekend. Got to play with stamps at a friend's house on Saturday. That's always fun. Made some cute cards but I used them before I made a copy...oops! Sunday we went to another friends house for a party. The weather was beautiful but the wind was blowing a million miles per hour. (So today I'm so stuffy I can't breathe). They put tent awnings up for shade and twice the one I was sitting under tried to blow down. The third time a metal pole simply broke and we all moved! But you can't keep a good party down and we just all enjoyed the company, the food, the drinks, and even the gale force winds. Guess the wind is better than having the party rained out. Today I'm going to my granddaughter, Caitlyn, basket ball game at her school. She is a 7th grader and this is her 2nd game so I'm excited to watch her. Of course, Gramma is taking her camera. When Caitlyn comes over we have to scrapbook so I take pictures whenever I can so we have something fun to scrapbook. I've got card and recipe swaps to get done...guess I'll try to finish up some of those while I watch American Idol and the DWTS elimination tonight. DH is going out of town next week and I have to have everything caught up so I can clean the carpet while he's gone. Got an email from my ex-SIL (who is like the sister I never had). She sent pictures...she is in France until June with her husband...who is working over there. Sure wish I could go to France....for any reason. They are living in the wine country and don't have to deal with any big city Paris issues. But they are planning a trip to Paris soon. Some of the photos reminded me of areas of Spain I visited a few years ago. Brought back some nice memories.

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  1. You know you can come over and make the cards again, I still have stuff cut :)