Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Little Bit of Me

For all of my new friends out there let me give you a little bit of personal background. My husband, Tom, is a Shriner and we are very active participants in Shrine activities, raising money to support the Shriners Childrens Hospitals throughout the United States. You will see a lot of references to the Shrine and the things we do with our Shriner friends. Yes, he does wear the funny red fez with the black tassel; yes, he does participate in parades...he has a dune buggy and belongs to that group calling themselves the Desert Chariots. They provide parade transportation for the Divan (aka pres., vp, etc.). He also belongs to the Sandbaggers (golfers), the Director's Staff (the workers who prepare for events), the CIF committee (they raise money to support the building), and a few other things I can't even remember. We travel quite a bit and have been fortunate over the years to go on wonderful outings to Vancouver, Cancun, Spain, Jamaica, and many places within the US. I get to go along without having to do all the work.
For myself, I'm having angst this year. My husband turned 70, my baby turned 40, I'm getting ready to go to my 50th high school class reunion, and I'm going to be a great-grandmother. So what the hell happened!!!!! But life is good and I'm actually laughing at my angst. I have wonderful kids and grandkids. I get to do the things I enjoy best. I have terrific friends; and I have the best husband/friend in the whole world (celebrated our 47th anniversary this year).
I grew up in a small Kansas farming community and now live and survive in the large urban desert of Arizona. I hate freeways, you miss seeing "stuff". And people get on freeways and get crazy. But don't think I could ever go back to live in the midwest...too much humidity and cold weather for these bones now. I miss the trees and the rivers and am always amazed by them when we go back.
I have tried pretty much every craft style that has come along, and given up on most of them. Hated knitting, but love counted cross stitch. Can't draw a straight line with a ruler but I'm a "mad stamper"! Couldn't paint a picture but I know how to use markers and watercolor crayons. Love to read, write stories, talk too much, give unsolicited advice (and I try really hard not to do that). Hate talking on the phone, but love hearing from my kids and grandkids....thank goodness for emails now. Tried my hand at flower arranging; I'm okay, but I get bored. Did the whole plastic canvas thing but then couldn't figure out what to do with that stuff. Well, you get the idea. So I cleaned out the garage, donated nearly everything to a Senior Citizen Center and let my new love (paper stuff) take over. That's me.


  1. Hi Sheila--great to meet you! I loved all the info about yourself. I agree with almost everything you said--Love stamping and counted cross-stitching. I am still in the Midwest though and will be 60 next year. I became a first time grandmother in December!. I will be checking out your blog again. Dar

  2. Your blog is beautiful and I loved reading about YOU!

  3. Hi, Sheila!...coming in from the stampingbellilicious group.
    I enjoyed reading all about you! Very interesting!
    I am SherryBee in AZ, also! We live in the Springerville area....east of Show you know the area? I take it that you must be in PHX.
    That picture you have as your header is AWESOME! Is that all natural colors? Just beautiful.

    I'm a transplant from Iowa. Moved here in 1967, when I was 12. Only 2 years ago, did I come to see the desert with 'fresh eyes'. I always hated it so. But, when it's in bloom and with all the different varities of vegetation, it can be awesome.
    I'll be back again some day.
    SherryBee in AZ

  5. Hi Sheila,
    Great Blog Header - beautiful picture.
    Had a look at your Bella card and all the others. You need to make more - good work!
    Practice makes perfect you know - or almost anyway for us older gals.
    Loved to read all about you and hubby. I think I might have angst if I was about to be a great grandmother too! We have two young grandchildren as our boys didn't marry until they were in there late 30's. But am married 40 years and am 59 in a couple of weeks.
    Hope to hear more from you card wise in the near future.
    Candy from Canada, eh? LOL

  6. welcome to the wonderful world of papercraft blogging! :)